Active Citizenship and Politics

Active CitizenshipWe offer a Rural & Community Development FETAC Certificate in Active Citizenship & Politics as part of a suite of Tailor-made Activation Programmes. Essentially this course will be

to build the capacity within the individuals and group. In addition, to find a safe space to reflect in order to work together effectively within agreed boundaries and to facilitate joined up thinking going forward to engage in Active Citizenship & Politics.

Challenging and enable participants identify their own/groups core skills and practical knowledge for effective engagement in citizenship and politics. Resulting in building self-assurance in their abilities to engage with, build meaningful links with others for the creation of critical awareness and formulate long lasting solutions.

Course Content:

  • Know and understand what is Active Citizenship & Political Systems
  • Gain confidence to engage effectively as leaders to create change
  • Be able to work through conflict resolution within groups or issues
  • Engage in the decision-making process at various levels
  • Understand political ideologies, power and how we live as citizens
  • Understand lobbying, its process and purpose


The programme as a minor component in the field of learning fits within the discipline of Inclusive Education and Training and can contribute to an overall major FETAC Awards Certificate at level 6. Participants on this programme will be required to undertake typical 150 hours duration of learning effort.

Delivery Methodology:

A blend of: Directed learning experiences (class/lecture), Group discussion/interactions, Stimulated work environment/experiences, tutorials/one-to-one, Self-directed learning and online forums. Supporting Hand-outs, Visual Aids, Samples and Templates for Assessment.