Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship

FoodDo you have a new food products with export potential or for the Irish market?
Are you innovate, driven and want to bring your business idea in food or drink to the market place? If so, the definitely this course is for you!

This course is tailor made to provide participants with the professional tools and knowledge to start up a thriving food business. With a proven process and approach established by Ireland’s leading food organisations Board Bia, Local Enterprise Organisations and Musgrave’s Retail.

The course is directed by a qualified and experienced food professional working in the food and retail sector for over 32 years. This is a QQI Approved training programme recognised by the European and National Framework of Qualifications.
The purpose of this food innovation and entrepreneurship award is to equip a learner with vital skill, knowledge and competence for the food industry business. Engaging a practical approaches to entrepreneurship, by means of innovative thinking and activities with the support of direction for the marketplace.
Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  • Examine food innovation and entrepreneurship principles.
  • Portray local and global models of food business models with examples.
  • Depict the importance of food historical development in business and its relationship to cultures.
  • Develop a food product in practice.
  • Assess the personal, social and technical skills, values and attributes that are needed by an entrepreneur in the food sector.
  • Identify opportunities for food innovation in a particular area.
  • Plan an innovative approach to a food business problem, task or project, to include identifying required skills, potential obstacles, strategies to handle risk, and coming up with an innovative response to issues/problems that arise.
  • Calculate resource required for food production, to include human, financial, physical and technical resources.
  • Engage in entrepreneurial work, to include implementing and monitoring innovative strategies and solutions.
  • Demonstrate innovative, entrepreneurial skills, values and attributes while working on a your food product for the market place.