Track Record of Muintir Na Tíre

Muintir na Tíre has undergone some dramatic changes since its foundation in the late 30’s. It has seen Ireland undergo similar dramatic changes, and has been party to many of them. The ability of the organistion to adapt in the face of these changes has been one of its greatest strenghts. This strength can be accredited to the underlying principles and philosophy of the organisation which are as applicable in today’s world as they were in the past.

Muintir na Tíre today is a CompanyCompany Limited by Guarantee, governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are elected by its affiliated units. There are currently 9 full-time staff and 2 part-time staff employed by the Board. The organisation has 5 Community Alert Development Officers based at various locations throughout the country with the remaining personnel working from the Head Office in Tipperary.

Muintir na Tíre, since its inception in 1937, has been involved in several major community development projects, pilot studies and research, and in the preparation of policy documents.

Muintir na Tíre’s Track Record

  Warmer Homes Scheme: This scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency and comfort conditions of homes occupied by low-income households, and to establish the systems and growing the capacity in Ireland to install such measures.
2011 Celtic Community Link: an EU Community programme that aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion by promoting international and cross-border co-operation
2009 Launch of fundraising initiative – Cáirde Muintir na Tíre
2009 Launch of Muintir na Tíre Strategic and Organisational Plan 2009-2013
2009 BenefIT Community TXT Link Programme for Older and Vulnerable People
2009 Delivery of the Community Education Module of the Road Safety Authority Strategy 2007-2012 to Communities
2008 Submission to the Law Reform Commission “Consultation Paper on the Civil Liability of Good Samaritans and Volunteers”
2007 Launch of Community Alert Strategy 2007-2011
2007 INTERREG IIIA, joint Irish/Welsh Project – E-Volve – Electronic Services for the Voluntary Sector
2006 Submission to the Active Citizenship Taskforce at the Department of An Taoiseach
2006 Launch of Information Pack for Older People for use by volunteers funded by Comhairle
2006 Submission to the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs on the Ireland Rural Development National Strategy Plan (NSP) 2007-2013
2005 Submission to the Oireachtas – Report on Community Policing
2004 to date Promotion of Community Alert Primary Schools’ Art Competition
2004 National Committee on Volunteering Report “Tipping the Balance”
2002-2006 The National Rural Development Programme
2001-2002 Information and Communication Technology Project
2002 Policy document on “The Future of Rural Post Offices in Ireland”
2001 Policy document on “Spatial Strategy – The Way Forward”
2000-2001 Promoted information campaign on the Euro in association with the Euro Changeover Board of Ireland
1998-2001 LEADER II Programme (3 County Pilot Project to set up Community Council structures in Westmeath, North Kerry and West Cork)
1991 Promotion of Environmental/Heritage Projects
1985 to date Community Crime Prevention Programme – Community Alert
1988 Researched and published “Community Centres in Ireland” Report
1985 Researched and published “Towards a New Democracy?” Report
1980 Pioneered a pilot project for Local Community Radio
1971 Preservation of Ancient Monuments Campaign
1961-1971 Promoted the Credit Union Movement
1963 to date Promotion of Irish Tourism and the Tidy Towns Competition
1965-1985 Promotion of a national Post Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition
1973-1977 EEC Pilot Project for the Training of Trainers leading to employment opportunities through local enterprise (some of the findings were later adopted by the Youth Employment Agency)
1968 Piloting of Community Information Centres (now known as Citizen Information Centres)
1959-1980 Carrying out of group water schemes to install piped water in rural homes
1948-1954 The Limerick Rural Survey – to research and promote the development of small and medium sized industries suitable to the Irish economy
1948-1957 Muintir na Tíre’s Parish Plan for Agriculture
1947 onwards Encouraged rural communities to accept the Rural Electrification Scheme
1940 Development of Turf Cutting Schemes to provide fuel during the years of the Second World War
1939 onwards Encouraged the building of Community Halls and Centres throughout the country